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Registration for the Game On K12 Competition is now closed.

We asked students to pitch their ideas for an educational video game and show off their creativity for a chance to win big prizes!
  • Sony PlayStation®5
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch™
  • Valve Steam Deck™
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card

Registration closed on January 31, 2024.

How to Participate

Students will be split into divisions based on their grade level (K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12 grade) and judged against students in the same division.

Students who register will be asked to pitch their idea for an educational video game. Pitches should be 6–8 sentences describing the details of their game. Students can also choose to submit their pitch through a video.

Students who progress to the second round will be asked to submit a full proposal for their educational video game idea. The proposal template can be viewed here. We encourage students to build their proposals around the judging criteria for their grade band.

Students who progress to the final round will be asked to create trailers for their video game using AI software provided by K12. These students will also have the opportunity to work with members of our esports team to help create their trailers.

Each grade band will have two winners—one selected by our judges, and one People’s Choice winner selected through public voting.

Example Games

Need some inspiration to spark your creativity? Check out some of our example pitches.

K–2 Example: Word Wizards

The Word Wizards need help restoring their world’s magic! Players explore various word-themed islands, learn new words, and solve word puzzles to progress.

3–5 Example: Planting Game

Players can grow their very own plant in this game, ensuring that it gets the correct amount of water, sunlight, fertilizer, and more to stay happy and healthy.

6–8 Example: Veterinarian Game

In this game, players manage a vet clinic. By determining how best to treat and care for sick animals, players learn basics about vet science and animal anatomy.

9-12 Example: Coding Conquerors

The cyber realm is under attack by rogue programs. Players must learn coding principles, write scripts, and debug programs to defeat enemies and save the digital world!

Judging Criteria

Round 1 pitches will be judged based on the creativity of the game title, descriptiveness of the pitch, and clarity of the game’s educational value.

Round 2 proposals will be judged based on the game’s title, objectives, characters, story, and mechanics.

Round 3 trailers will be judged based on the criteria from round 2, as well as the game’s scalability and audience appeal, the quality and flow of the trailer, and how feasible the game would be to create and play.

Winners will be announced on March 29, 2024.

Competition Schedule

All students are eligible to participate in the first round and submit their game pitches. Students will be notified if they have progressed to the following rounds.

Jan. 31

Round 1 Pitch Submission Deadline

Feb. 12

Round 2 Proposal Submission Deadline

March 11

Round 3 Trailer Submission Deadline

March 29

Winners Announced

Please review the rules and regulations related to Game On K12. These terms and conditions must be agreed to upon submission of entry.

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