22 Sep

Unleash the Potential of Your Smartphone Camera: “Snap Like a Pro” with McKenna Carnahan 


In the age of smartphones, we have a powerful tool right in our pocket. The beauty of smartphones lies in their accessibility—with smartphones, we all have the potential to be photographers. However, with so many hidden features and confusing apps, are we truly harnessing the full power of our smartphone cameras? Some of the most iconic modern photos have been taken on smartphones—a far cry from the older ages of landlines and flip phones. If you want to learn more about how to capture professional-looking photographs on your phone, we have a great workshop for you on September 25th at 4:30pm (ET). In K12’s “Snap Like a Pro” Webinar, we will be joined by McKenna Carnahan, who is a talented portrait and landscape photographer. 

What to Expect 

Our “Snap Like a Pro” Webinar will be an informative and fun experience that will help you transform how you approach smartphone photography. In this session, McKenna will take you through some of the essential elements of creating stunning photographs, including: 

  1. Lighting: Understanding the importance of lighting is essential in developing your skills as a photographer. You will learn about how to use your smartphone camera settings to make the most of different lighting conditions. 
  1. Composition: There is a certain art to composing your shots for maximum impact. Learning about the rule of thirds, framing, and leading lines can help you arrange the subjects and elements in your shot in more interesting and captivating ways. 
  1. Pro Tips: Get insider tips and tricks that professionals such as McKenna use to take great photos. Understanding your smartphone’s camera settings will give you valuable insights into how you can improve your shots. Smartphones often have manual settings where you can control the focus, ISO, and exposure of your photograph, transforming a simple shot into a work of art. 
  1. Editing Apps: There is a whole world of editing apps that can take your good photo and turn it into a great one. From changing saturation, sharpness, contrast, and brightness to removing blemishes to adding effects and filters, apps can significantly enhance your smartphone photography. Not only do smartphones allow you to take pictures anywhere, but they also enable you to edit and perfect your snaps from anywhere. 

Unlock Your Creativity 

This webinar is not just about taking fantastic photos; it’s about freeing your creativity and seeing the world in a new way. Whether you aspire to be a professional photographer or simply enjoy taking photos, this webinar will help you learn how to challenge yourself when snapping shots on your smartphone. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your smartphone into a powerful photographic tool by learning from an expert photographer. Come with your smartphones and leave with the skills and knowledge to execute your creative visions.