12 Dec

Game On: K12’s First Game Design Competition 

Unleash Creativity and Compete for Exciting Prizes! 

Are you ready for a thrilling challenge that combines creativity, technology, and fun?  

Game On: K12’s very first game design competition is here, and it’s your chance to shine! This unique competition invites young minds to design a proposal for an educational video game, offering a platform to showcase their skills and compete for amazing prizes. 

Who’s Got Game? 

All players welcome! Game On K12 is open to all students in grades K-12 across the country. You don’t need to attend a K12-powered school to participate. It’s a fantastic opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to demonstrate their talent and creativity. 

Game Plan 

Registration Deadline: Mark your calendars! The last day to register is January 31, 2024. Don’t be the last to join this epic raid! Register Now!  

Round 1: Students who registered are required to submit a pitch for their game idea. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild and come up with something truly innovative. Submit your pitch idea by January 31st.  

Round 2: Qualifying students will then submit a full proposal for their game. This stage will require more detailed planning and creativity. Submit your full proposal by February 12th

Round 3: Semi-finalists will team up with K12 Esports pros with access to powerful AI tools to craft a trailer for their game. Bring your vision to life and show us what you’ve got! Submit final trailers by March 11th.  

Scoring System 

Submissions will be sorted into grade bands: K–2 grades, 3–5 grades, 6–8 grades, and 9–12 grades. 

Round 1 entries will be judged on the creativity of the game title, descriptiveness of the pitch, and clarity of the game’s educational value.  

Round 2 entries will be judged on the game’s title, objectives, characters, story, and mechanics. 

Round 3 entries will be judged on all criteria in Rounds 1 and 2, plus the game’s scalability and audience appeal, the quality and flow of the trailer, and how feasible the game would be to create and play. 

Click here to learn more about how entries will be scored in each round.

Epic Loot Awaits 

Final winners from each grade band will receive their choice of the following gaming consoles: 

  – Sony PlayStation®5 

  – Microsoft Xbox Series X 

  – Nintendo Switch™ 

  – Valve Steam Deck™ 

Additionally, a People’s Choice winner, determined by public voting, from each grade band will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!  

Why Drop In?  

Game On K12 isn’t just any competition; it could be your golden ticket to winning some of the most sought-after gaming consoles on the market! Imagine getting your hands on the latest Sony PlayStation®5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch™, or Valve Steam Deck™. These aren’t just prizes; they’re gateways to new gaming adventures! 

Level up your skills 

As you navigate through game design, you’re not just creating digital worlds; you’re perfecting problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Game On K12 is all about learning to think on your feet, approaching challenges creatively, and finding engaging gaming solutions. 

Grow gaming connections with Game On K12. These connections might develop into lifelong friendships, future collaborations, and a support system of like-minded individuals.  

By participating in Game On K12, you’ll gain important experiences that will be valuable in your future quests. Engaging in game design and development at this stage opens doors to understanding different technologies, multimedia, and creative storytelling. Whether you pursue a career in gaming, technology, or any other field, the skills and experiences gained through Game On K12 will give you a significant head start. 

Ready, Player One?  

Don’t wait any longer! Register now and be a part of this exciting journey. Let the games begin!