15 Dec

Slither into the World of Snakes: How to Learn and Love these Amazing Reptiles

Your first reaction to this title may have been excited or skeptical. But fear not, snakes are not scary, they are amazing!

Let’s Talk About It

Snakes are animals with no legs, ears, or eyelids. They can slither, climb, swim, and even fly. They can smell with their tongues, hear with their jaws, and see with their eyes. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Some are tiny, some are huge, some are venomous, and some are harmless.

Snakes are important for the environment, because they eat pests, like rats and mice, and they are food for other animals, such as eagles and hawks. Snakes are also fascinating to learn about because they have many adaptations and behaviors that help them survive. Snakes are not evil; they are just misunderstood. So don’t be afraid of snakes, be curious and respectful. Snakes are cool!

Where Can I Learn More?

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere homes many different types of snakes such as the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Eyelash Palm Pit Viper, Green Anaconda, and more! Interested in slithering into the world of snakes, learning about our reptile friends, and what it takes to care for them? Look no further! Register today to watch K12’s free virtual field trip – Reptile Rendezvous: Super Snake Zooventure On-Demand!

All students in grades K-12 were invited to participate and get this, they didn’t have to attend a K12-powered school to get involved! How exciting is that?

Have Ideas of Your Own?

Do you know someone in grades K-12 that are curious and passionate about protecting the environment, listen up! Invite them to turn their ideas into a reality and enter the K12 Innovation Challenge! Students can work individually and are welcome in teams of up to three to submit a proposal for solutions in one of the six theme areas: habitat restoration, ocean vitality, future farms, endangered species, animal welfare and rescue, and community engagement. Let’s get the young minds of the future excited to start innovating and making the world a brighter, better place!  Submit your proposals by January 16th!