02 Aug

2023 K12 National Robotics Competition Winners Announced

This year, we invited 11 finalists from across the country to join us in person at Stride K12 Headquarters in Reston, VA, to battle it out for 1st place in the first ever K12 National Robotics Competition! These students in grades 6-8 competed virtually in the initial rounds of the competition against 146 total participants and coded their way to the top five.  

Did you miss this event? Watch the competition now at:  

Help us congratulate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in the 2023 K12 National Robotics Competition: 

1st Place: WAVA Team 2 from Washington Virtual Academy  

Maryum Ayaz, 6th Grade and Ismaeel Ayaz, 6th Grade 

2nd Place: WAVA Team 1 from Washington Virtual Academy 

Leor Sykes, 6th Grade and Aidan Willsey, 8th Grade 

3rd Place: “Team Keystone” from The Keystone School 

Jason Smith, 8th Grade and Saraí Drost, 8th Grade